Its RRR versus Jagan in Delhi


Raghuram Krishnam Raju the YSRC MP is in news for writing letters to the Ministers and the MPs in Delhi. He informed the lawmakers that the third degree was used by the AP CID police against an MP.

At this point in time Jaganmohan Reddy the CM of AP is going to Delhi and there is a talk that he has an appointment with the Central Home Minister AmitShah apart from other Ministers.

The CMs program will be finalised by this evening. There is already a petition pending against Jagan in the CID court demanding cancellation of his bail and it was filed by Raghuram Krishnam Raju.

So there is definitely a situation where the Home Minister Shah will talk about RRR and his complaints against the Chief Minister. There is every scope that Jagan will try to influence the Central Home Minister on his bail cancellation.

Jagan’s advocate earlier has lost the case against RRR, and RRR could get the bail from Supreme Court. Now he is hell-bent upon taking on Jaganmohan Reddy at any cost.

Chandrababu Naidu the former CM has also supported RRR by writing against the YSRC Government to the President of India. We have to see if the BJP leaders will bail out Jagan. Jagan has several cases against him in the CID court.

Several strictures were passed against the AP Government by the Courts in recent times. There are cases against Jagan on a personal basis. What happens if Jagans bail cancelled is the big question.