It’s raining in Hyderabad

heavy rains

It rained in many parts of Hyderabad since last night. The rain is on in some parts of the state. The monsoon and depression together are the cause for these rains it is reported.

Thunderstorm accompanied by lightning and gusty winds is likely to occur at isolated places in Telangana. The rains are expected for the next two days.

This is like the entry of the monsoon into the state. The rains have already shown the fury on Warangal. Half of Warangal is already underwater with floods in some places in recent times.

Heavy rains are also expected in the next 3 days to come in many districts of Telangana.

Nizamabad, Jagityal, Karimnagar, Warangal Adilabad and Suryapet will experience moderate to heavy rains.

The Monsoon has advanced to some extent in some parts of Telangana. The GHMC staff is on alert in Hyderabad as they have experienced very heavy rains in Hyderabad last year.

The weather is already cloudy in Hyderabad and light showers are expected in the evening in many areas of Hyderabad.

There could be heavy rains at the night also all over the city and also in some areas at the outskirts of Hyderabad.