USA-India relationship is people-centric said, PM Modi. Trump’s contribution is immense in taking this partnership forward Modi stated. He was talking at the Hyderabad house here in Delhi.

Security is the most important aspect of the agenda Modi pointed out. The Indian forces are doing training and war exercise with the USA forces he said.

They have improved very much in the combat and war techniques Modi opined. Drug Tarriciaang, Naro Terrorism has also been discussed he explained.

Oil and gas business have also been discussed he said. Innovation and Technology will also have the Indo Us partnership Modi stated. The business ties between India and the US are balanced and they have grown he said.

He complimented Trump for taking all the initiatives. We are looking at bigger Energy partnership with US Modi stated.

It was a magnificent welcome and reception and real love said USA President Trump. This has been a very productive visit for both the countries said, Trump.

We are awed the majesty of India Trump stated. It’s an unforgettable special visit he opined. Blue dot network is to be created for a secured future as part fo High-quality infrastructure he said.

He also mentioned about the Chopper deal with would help in guarding the Asia Pacific region. He promised more LNG to India. He thanked Ivanka for taking up the cause of women in India for making them self reliant. Discussed the usage of %G network for constructive purposed Trump explained. We will speak to Pakistan to tackle the Islamic terrorism Trump assured.