The TRS is getting ready for the polls anytime. Minister for IT KT Ramarao is talking as if he is sounding the siren for elections.

KTR says the opposition especially Congress has no other option but to blame the ruling party on corruption.

He opined that there is no opposition in the state and that the ruling party is doing everything for the betterment of the lives of the people in Telangana.

Its like poll ready for TRS

The stability of power situation in the state speaks it all and the farming community are a happy lot he said.

The priority of power and water will be continued he stated. Elections are not the priority but, it is the development that has to be achieved he said. But however, the TRS is ready for the election also anytime he has challenged. We are ready for the polls he said.

He is pretty confident that the TRS will come back to power and the process of development will be continued.