TRS candidate Saidi Reddy from Huzoornagar claims that he would get around 50000 votes majority. The TRS is leading in the majority of the areas in Huzoornagar. Saidi Reddy said that the Congress failed in developing the constituency fo the last 20 years and that resulted in the victory of the TRS.

The BJP got around 100 votes so far. The RTC strike had no effect on the Huzoornagar election. The Congress lost miserably. Even though KCR could not make it for the electioneering, the people voted for the TRS.

This clearly indicates that the people are with the ruling party. In round 4 the TRS got a tally of around 20000 votes while the Congress got around 12000 votes. The BJP got around 500 votes.

The TRS is gaining with every round of votes. We can say that the people have given Diwali gift to KCR in the form of Huzoornagar. The TDP got around 400 votes in the 4th round.

The BJP and the TDP could not make any dent into the Congress or the TRS votes. The people have decided to vote TRS and they have done it. By 6th round of counting the Saidi Reddy got around 15000 majority.

One way the RTC strike was on and the other way, KCR could not attend the public meeting in the end. But still, the people were firm with the TRS. They want development.