Rahul Srimukhi

Big Boss 3 the popular reality show is almost coming to an end. The social media is full of the posts supporting the contestants to win the contest. Some celebrities are also posting in the social media supporting Rahul and also Srimukhi.

Now Geeta Madhuri the popular singer who was runner up in the earlier contest also predicted that the title could be between Srimukhi and Rahul. 5 contestants are in the competition and two are very popular and one of them is expected to win the title.

In another 3 episodes, the result could be out. The tension and curiosity is building up the day. The social media is full of these posts on the show and the winners are being predicted. When compared to Baba Bhaskar, Ali and others, Srimukhi and Rahul are getting more support.

Some of them are supporting Varun also. But all of them are enjoying the attention that they are getting in the media. The channels are also giving coverage of the program from time to time.

There are also allegations by some contestants who have been eliminated that Srimukhi was being favoured by the organisers. Srimukhi is also showing the attitude as if she has already won the title. But Rahul is going steady. It looks as if Varun is not having that hope for the title.

Baba Bhaskar is doing his level best and Ali is trying his level best. Let’s wish all the best for all the 5 contestants.