For the time being K Chandrasekhar Rao is on his own. He is not taking sides with any of the political parties except for the support from MIM which has been already there since the last elections. But with Chandrababu joining the Congress bandwagon, KCR has to make a loud thinking if he should openly align with the BJP for the sake of the future.

When you see the Karnataka results, the BJP is on the decline and Modi graph as such is going down. What has to be done for the parliament elections is the big question for KCR. Chandrababu is coming with the grand alliance against Modi. He cannot align with the grand alliance as the Congress is involved in it. Can he align with the BJP, with MIM support here in Telangana is another question? Will the MIM stay with KCR if he joins the BJP is the real issue. There is a loud thinking that if there is any requirement for TRS here in Assembly the BJP would step in and in future for the parliament, the TRS would support the BJP.

kcr, chandra babu

The song from Rangasthalam aa gattu and ee gattu theory now applies for KCR and TRS also. Will it be Congress or BJP for the future is the question. What happens to the federal front is another question. Babu is already in the process of stitching an alliance. One has to see if KCR continues the idea of a federal front. There cannot be two fronts at the national level in the name of trouncing the BJP.