hyderabad biryani

We talk about Hyderabadi Biryani and claim that it is popular across the world. But the reality is that Biryani, in General, is very popular. There are more than 35000 varieties of Biryani being made across the country.

Now after the introduction of Apps like Swiggy and other things the order for Biryanis have gone up like anything. When compared to last year the orders for Biryanis have increased by around 300 percent.

The takeaway spots are doing good business in the country. Orders on Apps have also gone up like anything. The Biryani handis and jumbo packs are also very popular in Hyderabad.

Along with Biryani, Gulabjamnu is also equally popular in many states. The statistics show that when there was Dengue fever across the country, the delivery boys have given Pappaya leaves on the App.

So anything and everything is available on the Apps and they will come to your doorstep. So the next time you are hungry just think about Biryani and the food App.