Its 6 years for Rs 5 meal

Its 6 years for Rs 5 meal

The GHMC along with some NGOs so far has fed about 5.5 crore people. Serving hotel meal at Rs 5 is not that easy and that too in so many outlets across Hyderabad.

It is baboon to the poor people as well as the Auto drivers. KTR expressed his happiness that they were able to serve the poor with title food at just Rs5 when they were in need.

It may be noted that the AP Government has closed the Anna canteens in Andhra Pradesh. The people have complained against this, but so far nothing has been done.

Here in Telangana, the Government is trying to open some more Annapurna canteens which would serve the people with a hot meal on a daily basis.

The curries and dal are also good here. KTR the IT minister who hs tasted this food earlier, tweeted about hit today that bout 5.5 crore people have got the benefit of Rs 5 meals so far.