it was Jagan bashing all the way


Power Star and Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan gave a call to fight against the misrule of the YCP Government. He was talking at the launch function of the Republic movie of Sai Dharam Tej.

We know how to stop the YCP Government if it tries to stall the film industry in AP he said. It was as if Pawan was declaring war against the YCP Government and Jagan.

Pawan said that he was supporting Sai Dharam Tej as he was in the hospital. YCP Government is trying to sell tickets so that the money can be used as a Bank guarantee.

Don’t attack the movie industry, you can stall the movies of Pawan Kalyan he suggested. It is our right we have to fight it out, we should not request them, it is not his property Pawan warned.

We are paying huge taxes, we are doing business and not grabbing from anyone he explained. Condemn the attitude of the YCP Government which is going against the film industry he suggested.

Taking taxes from 100 people giving it to 40 people is not right, the other 60 people fight against you he stated. he suggested the media to right about the Viveka murder case, write about Kodi Katti stabbing issue at the International airport he suggested.

What about the Podu lands of Girijans he questioned? Investigate on Charita rape he pointed out.