Producer Suresh Babu


Ramanaidu Studios and Suresh production have been raided by the Income Tax officials today. The search and enquiries are going on it is reported.

Some discrepancies were found in the IT returns of the last 3 years submitted by Suresh productions it is reported. Meanwhile, Suresh Babu clarified that the IT raids were routine and that they were enquiring into some changes here and there in the returns.

The Cinema people take IT raids as a routine matter and make the payments if required. On the other hand, Suresh Babu the chief of Suresh Productions is busy with the release of Venkay Mama the movie of Benkateshand Nagachiatanya.

The movie is scheduled for release on the birthday of Venkatesh it is learnt. Suresh is not that happy with the outcome of the movie and some changes have been made here and there.

Suresh productions is into the distribution of movies and also has some theatres as part of the distribution. These days Suresh is also into agriculture, sheep breeding, milk production and grass growing.

Cow milk and ghee is being sold by Suresh to his close friends. Goats are also being sold for meat. There is a chance that Suresh might enter into Poultry business also.