IT employees lured back to the office!


IT companies are trying to lure employees to Offices. The HR teams are suggesting the employees to start working from the office in different methods.

The first option is to come to the office for three days in a week. They can sit anywhere in the office premises to avoid sitting in a group or side by side at the desk.

They can also come for 15 days in a month of their choice. With this method, they want to see that by next year most of the employees will get used to the office culture.

Hybrid models have become popular. This model entails partially working from home and partially from office. Big technology giants like Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Wipro and Marico are also backing this innovative hybrid model. TCS said that 25 per cent of its total workforce will be working from home till 2025.

Wipro is also planning to end the work from home and made its intention public about embracing hybrid model and calling back employees. And many India’s leading FMCG companies have also announced plans to enforce the hybrid model of working for all employees.

Marico said that this new type of work will offer greater flexibility to employees and enable the majority of employees to work from the office at reduced frequency.