It could be tough for Owaisi in Hyderabad-2019

amith shah asaduddin

MIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi may find it very difficult this time to win from Hyderabad Loksabha constituency. BJP Chief Amit Shah is planning to see that this time they aim for Hyderabad seat and set a record as the MIM has been winning the seat since 1984. The BJP leaders like Venkaiah Naidu and also Baddam Balreddy have lost to Owaisi and it is nearly impossible to trounce the MIM in its home turf.

But this time it could be a different ball game altogether. Both the Congress and the BJP are aiming at Hyderabad. The Congress is pushing former cricketer and MP Azharuddin against Owaisi like a trump card so that Azhar can become a trump card for them. But Azhar is keen on contesting Secunderabad.

  raja singh


The BJP MLA and firebrand leader Raja Singh is gearing up to contest from Hyderabad. Raja has been vocal against Owaisi and Muslims and of the Hindu vote gets consolidated there is a chance that Raja could win the Hyderabad seat. Most of the time the Congress here has been hand in glove with MIM and Owaisi was winning easily.

If the Congress divides the Muslim vote there are fair chances that Raja Singh could win the 2019 election for the BJP and this would be a major news.

But the MIM has the support of TRS and there is a chance that the TRS vote might help Owaisi in winning the election again in 2019 for a record time. He has won this seat since 1984 and never lost.