This summer there are no big bang movies in the pipeline. There are no movies that can be considered very big for the coming summer that is in April and May.

But there are some movies getting ready for the coming summer. Even the movies that are being made on the fast track will take some more time and they will be by this year-end and some of them might get released only after this summer.

Big-ticket movies from Chiranjeevi, Mahesh babu, Allu Arjun, Prabahas and others will bet only after summer it looks like. There are only a few of hem who would get released fro the summer holidays.

After Sankranthi, summer is the big season for movies. EvenBalakrishna movies will get released after summer. So the small and medium players in Tollywood can make good money as there is no proper competition in the field.

These days reducing the expenditure and making the movies in just a hundred days time is the target. There are around a dozen heroes in the market and the releases of the movies will be there from time to time.

Byt one has to wait and see for the big movies. There is no Mahesh movie this year. You can see him with Chiranjeevi in Acharya. We do not know if Allu Arjun or NTR has any releases this year.

Even RRR the mega movie is scheduled for next year.