Is MS Dhoni in or out?


A lot of speculation is going on about the future of Dhoni the cricketer. Will he be there for the Bangla tour or not is a big question. The new BCCI Chief Ganguly has stated that it is for Dhoni to first assess himself as to what is his status.

Dhoni must spell out if he would like to join the team or take rest. Senior cricketer Sunil Gavaskar has said that Dhoni should respectfully step down.

Ever since Dhoni failed in the World cup, there is a lot of criticism going against him. But Dhoni is yet to respond over his future. There is a talk that he would join the BJP soon.

Ganguly is already associated with the Son of Amit Shah via BCCI. So talking to BJP is very easy now. Dhani even after failing at the World CUP is still very popular and he is an asset to the team in other forms.

He may not play, but he can guide the team in times of crisis. With Ganguly at the helm of affairs, we have to see what decision would the selectors take for Dhoni.It will be right on the party of Dhoni also to speak his mind on the future of his career.