Is Roja joining the janasena ? Is she quitting YSRC and leaving Jagan for good? The onslaught of Roja the YSRC MLC continues on AP CM Chandrabau and his son MLC Lokesh. She ridiculed and used abusive language against them . They do not know how to stop her.

Now the TDP social media started circulating rumours about YSRCP MLA Roja that she is leaving the party and will join Jana Sena, The war of blame game has intensified between these two parties.Earlier there was a talk that Roja is coming back to TDP, which cannot be true at all.


MLA Roja created miserable time for the TDP on many occasions with her strong criticism whenever she got the opportunity. She calls Lokesh a Pappu and Babu as Sara Babu.

The only mistake she committed was a slip of the tongue in Assembly against MLA Anitha and Chandrababu which resulted in one year suspension from Assembly.

 roja anitha

But after that episode she bounced back and started harsh criticism on the ruling party which could not be stopped by TDP. She is the only lady firebrand in YSRCP who counters TDP leaders whenever they attack Jagan .

It is fair to say there was no other leader in YSRCP like Roja in coming up with pungent comments on TDP which hit like a bullet to ruling party leaders. After searching ways and failing to keep Roja quiet, the ruling party started to circulate rumours about her that she is fighting a cold war with Jagan and will be quitting the party to join Jana Sena. Earlier Roja blased Pawan also about his wifes and personal character..

MLA Roja said she will never join Jana Sena which has no base. Attack was planned by ruling party keeping in mind the plenary meetings of YSRC which will start in Guntur in the first week of July. Even YSRCP leaders like Talasila Raguhram asked TDP social media wing to cite one particular reason for Roja leaving YSRCP.


Now it is time that the TDP leaders have to look into their internal party affairs which are slipping from their Supremo’s hands rather than pointing fingers at opposition party.TDP leader Anam Vivekananda Reddy heckled Roja several times and commented about her personal things and that too in an abusive language.

When she was with TDP and traveled with Babu, she faced several allegations. But Roja has become thick skinned and she is here to stay in politics. But she must limit her actions in Jabardasth. That is not right for a MLA encouraging nothing but vulgar comedy.

Whatever she is doing Roja should not cross her limits. It could be making statements or acting for Jabardasth.