Is lock down the only alternative?

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Except for Telangana, all other southern states have opted for lockdown in some form or the other. It is reported that the Telangana Government will also implement lockdown in some for the other.

Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao earlier was of the opinion that the lockdown should be the last resort. Even PM Modi also suggested the same and left it to the State Governments.

But the death rate is not coming down in the state even after taking all the steps. The Court here also has suggested a lockdown at the weekends.

The Government is also planning to see that the lockdown would be implemented from 2 pm in the noon. From 5 am to 2 PM the daily regular activities will go on.

There is a chance the court might direct the Government to impose a lockdown.

The State Cabinet meeting will be held here under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao at Pragathi Bhavan at 1 PM.

The Cabinet will discuss that the surge of the Covid cases in the state and take a decision on the imposition of lockdown in the State.

There are reports that suggest that despite certain states imposing the lockdown there is no decrease in the cases. Against this backdrop, different opinions are emerging on the lockdown.

Some sections are arguing in favour of the imposition of lockdown. Under these circumstances, the State cabinet would discuss the pros and cons of the lockdown and also the adverse impact it may have on the ongoing procurement of the Paddy and it will make a decision.