Is it CM or President?

Is it CM or President?

Is Mahesh’s latest movie based on the story of American President? No, we are not talking about Trump. The name of the movie is American President.

Some speculations are now doing rounds that Mahesh Babu’s upcoming film “Bharat Anu Nenu” got some Hollywood content.

They say that this film is loosely based on Hollywood movie “The American President”.

Is it CM or President?

Directed and produced by Rob Reiner, the film has Michael Douglas playing President of the USA and it is a romantic comedy.

As the trailer of “Bharat Anu Nenu” is not yet out, we can’t talk about the comparison’s between the two, but that English movie is the story of a guy who takes oath as USA president and has tough challenges to pass two new bills as the next election is approaching.

In that process, he falls in love with an activist and she dumps him in the end as he is not standing by his oath. How the couple reunites in White House is the story.

But some of them say it is about the Chief Ministers in Telugu states. The President story might have been diluted in the form of a Chief Minister.