Is it BJP versus TRS at HCA?


Now that the HCA committee has been dissolved by Azharuddin, there is a need for conducting fresh elections. Earlier Azharuddin the former Indian Captain was supported by TRS against Vivek Venkat Swamy who has joined the BJP.

Now that Azhar is facing allegations, there is a need for a new leader. It is rumoured that Kavitha the MLC from TRS and the daughter of KCR the CM of Telangana is trying to put her nominee for the post.

Vivek on the other hand who is having the support of some members from the HCA is trying to make a come back into the HCA. So the fight is clearly between the BJP and the TRS.

There are four groups in the HCA and we have to see which group wins the election this time. Except for the Uppal Ground, the HCA has done nothing for the development of cricket in general.

While the general talk is that there should be no political interference in the games, these days only political influence is ruling the games. When it comes to cricket it is like a religion for the people of India.

They love it very much. The people are crazy after the cricketers and there is betting on the game and individual players on an unofficial basis. Now politics has crept into the HCA elections also.

let’s hope the real players will win the election.