Is Dhoni a 420 :Amrapali


Amrapali a real estate company has collected around Rs 2500 crore by projecting the name of Dhoni as the partner of the company. People Invested in amount for buying houses in Amrapali seeing the name and face of Dhoni in the advertisements.

They filed a complaint that Doni must also be made as one of the accused in the case. The Homes that they were dreaming of have not been delivered so far by the realtors.

It is reported that one of the companies being managed by the wife of Dhoni is also involved in this business. An FIR has been filed against the promoters of the Amrapali real estate company and also against Dhoni for being the brand ambassador of the company.

The FIR states that the realtors have deceived and duped the people in a big way and that the action should be initiated against them at the earliest possible.

Meanwhile, Dhoni who is trying to make a comeback into the cricket is yet to reply over the allegations that he and his wife are facing in the Amrapali group.

The FIR charges the accused under criminal breach of trust under section 406,409,420 and 120 B of the Indian Penal code.