Iran hoists red flag on masjid

It looks like Iran wants to take revenge against Trump and America. There are reports that Iran has selected 35 targets against USA. IT has hoisted the reg flag on one of the most important Jamkaran masjid.

The red flag signals that they must be ready for war. US has already declared war against Iran by killing the general Qaseem Suleimani. The killing of a general is equal to declaring a war opined several war analysts. Iran pledged that it will avenge their Martyrdom.

There is enough tension prevailing between Iran and USA. There are posters in the social media of Iran calling for revenge. The situation looks very tense and that it could be war anytime.

This is for the first time in the History that Iran has hoisted the red flag over the masjid. This is a very serious situation out here. The red flag was hoised on one of the important masjids on Qom and the message is clear that they will fight the war with USA.