IPL to be postponed?


There is a talk that IPL the cricket mega show could be postponed due to Corona scare. It may be noted that People at the level of Prime Minister have suggested that big congregations should be avoided keeping the Corona Virus in mind.

The Coronavirus is spreading in one country after the other. Film shootings abroad have been cancelled due to Corona. Now IPL also involves people from different countries moving from one place to other in big gatherings.

So there is a widespread talk that the IPL cricket matches could be postponed for the time being so that they can be played once there is no scare of the Corona Virus.

So far a few thousands have died due to Corona. The Business of the air flights is coming down. The non-veg business has already come down. The poultry business is not doing well either.

The stock markets have fallen. Taking all this into serious account there is every chance that the IPL could be postponed.