venkaiah naidu

M Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President of India said that good governance was one of the key elements for India to achieve the desired growth trajectory. He wanted the IAS Officers to take steps to provide efficient and effective delivery of public services by improving administrative efficiency. Stating that it was the duty of every stakeholder to not only contribute his or her mite to accelerate growth but must also ensure it to be inclusive and sustainable, he asked them to act as change agents to bring about a rapid transformation in the country’s growth narrative.

Advising the civil servants to treat their profession as a public service, Sri Venkaiah Naidu wanted them to uphold the integrity and honesty at all times. “Develop a passion to give your best and not just perform assigned duty mechanically and routinely,” he added.

Pointing out that the ultimate aim of every government policy or scheme was to improve the living standards of the common man, he said: “You, the bureaucrats, are the facilitators and implementers of the decisions taken by the government. You act as the bridge between the government and the people of this country”.

Expressing concern over the rising gap between Urban and Rural areas, Shri Naidu called for concerted efforts to bridge the divide and asked the Officers to attach high priority to agriculture. “All of you must spare a thought for the less fortunate and reflect on what needs to be done as the representative of the government in your domain,” he added.

Sri Venkaiah Naidu urged the Officers to focus more on eradicating poverty, preventing gender discrimination, and removing illiteracy, apart from providing basic amenities in many rural areas. “Indian civilization has always kept women in high esteem. Give them enough opportunities as they have great potential”, he advised.