I’ll know in a minute-its a one time shot

Donald Trump

All eyes on Kim and Trump. The World is watching for a positive result and for peace.

The meeting Kim of North Korea and the American President has got a lot of significance and it is being watched by politicians and people from across the world.

In the first minute, I will know that if Kim is for peace or not said American President Donald Trump. “I am on a mission of peace and we’re going to be carrying the hearts of millions of people from all over the world,” he said. “We have to get denuclearization, we have to get something going. I think Kim wants to do something great for the people and he will do it.

Donald Trump

“I think I’ll know pretty quickly whether or not, in my opinion, something positive will happen. And if I think it won’t happen, I’m not going to waste my time. I don’t want to waste his time.”

Trump and Kim will have first ever summit in Singapore and both are positive over the matter. I am going on a mission of peace and I am carrying the hearts of millions with me said the US President.

Its mt touch and my feel and I will be able to know it in a minute. I will know if it is going to happen or not. If not I will not waste my time also his time said Trump who left for Canada.