US President Donald Trump earlier said that Prime Minister Modi has asked him to intervene in settling the Kashmir issue with Pakistan. But the Indian Government has clarified that Prime Minister Modi never asked for any mediation in the Kashmir issue.

Ministers Rajnath Singh and Ravi Shankar clarified that any step on resolving the Kashmir issue will be done bilaterally and that too with the Pakistan Government directly.

Now the US President after clarification from the Indian Government against offered to mediate between Pakistan and India with a rider saying “if they want me to”. This is the latest from Trump and that it is for the second time that the US President has offered to mediate.

There was a ruckus in the parliament over Trump remarks that PM Modi has sought the mediation from America. Even after the Ministers said n to the mediation, Trump has raked up the issue again and stated if they want me to intervene.

He opined that Modi and Imran Khan the PMs are fantastic people and hoped that they can get along very well in the near future. If i can, if they want me to, I would certainly Intervene Trump replied to a question.

India denied the claim made by Trump and Minister for external affairs Jai Shankar clarified that there was no request made by the Prime Minister of India.