I will give my blood and hair- Ready for any test


KTR Challenged the leaders to take his hair and blood to test when it comes to the usage of drugs. BJP leader Bandi Sanjay and Congress Chief Revanth Reddy charged that KTR must be tested for drugs and also made allegations that the Minister was trying to protect the film stars from drug charges.

Revanth alleged that KTR was hand in glove with the cine people and that was the reason they were being protected. Bandi Snajy said that KTR maintains glamour with his drugs.

The State Government did not file any report pertaining to the drugs case.

However, the ED has questioned the film stars in terms of Bank transactions and financials. The State Government has left the case in the lurch. We have to see how far the Judiciary and ED will take the case to the logical conclusion.