Vice President of India and Chairman of RajyaSabha M Venkaiah Naidu said that he is a worried man. The Rajyasabha is not transacting any business since last two weeks.

He was hopeful that they will be able to break the ice and run the show for which he has also organised a party with Andhra cooks. Special Andhra menu was ordered for the MPs party. President and PM were invited, special invitations were printed but the party was cancelled as he could not run the show in Rajya Sabha.

I am worried says Venkaiah Naidu

Now he has urged all the political parties and its leaders to have a dialogue with each other so that they can run the business in the upper house with due respect to one and all.

He has been doing everything in the house and outside the house to break the ice with the leaders so that the house will run for at least an hour.

There is a chance that he might talk to the leaders of the parties like TRS and others to end the Hungama in the house. The BJP leaders are also doing their best to end the stalemate.

The BJP leaders informally have talked to other party leaders to come to an understanding so that issues can be discussed.