Nivetha Thomas

Nivetha Thomas was in Instagram where people asked her questions left and right. She was questioned bout boyfriends and virginity also. But Nivetha who is working as the daughter of Rajinikanth in Darbar movie.

Nivetha Thomas agreed that the people can ask her any questions, but they must treat her as a human being first before asking about virginity and other questions.

Nivetha, on the other hand, thanked the fans for taking time out and asking her questions. The film Darbar is being directed by Murugadoss and will be released in many languages soon. There is a lot of hype going on for the movie.

It will be released for Sankranthi. Srileru nee Kevvaru with Mahesh and Ala Vaikuntapuram with Allu Arjun are also coming on 12th just before the Sankranthi.

Nivethawas appreciated for answering the question so easily without taking it very seriously.