Hyderabad is improving in Entertainment sector


After Covid conditions, Hyderabad is looking up. The people are coming out for eating. Now slowly they are coming out for Booze also. It looks like slowly they are coming out of the Corona fear.

New bars and restaurants are opening in the city to impress the crowd. GHMC already has 280 bars including pubs in many places. Excise officials are in the process of issuing licenses for another 55 bars.

1380 people applied for licenses for new bars, pubs and restaurants. One of them was selected by lottery on the 19th of this month. This brings the number of pubs and bars to 335.

People are coming out for entertainment after the theatres were opened with full capacity to the Cine goers. Dozens of films are getting ready for the release.

The schools have also been opened. The real estate activity that is constructions and sales have picked up. Hyderabad in fact has started brimming with activity.

When it comes to other states, Telangana is far better in giving Covid vaccination. In this fashion Telangana is also surging forward.