Hug the cows and stay healthy


Cow hugging or cuddling is the latest trend to stay healthy. Already Cow dung, Cow urine is being used as medicines. Even the air that we intake from Cows is said to improve your health.

Now the latest is that people are advised to hug Cows for some time so that you are relieved of the mental stress. You will feel relaxed after hugging the cows.

Cow is considered as a sacred animal and if your worship cow it is like worshipping all the gods. There are reports that the mulching cows also feel happy and secured when you hug them and feed them with love.

Cow cuddling is the new wellness trend across the world. This helps to reduce stress and improve the positive trend. It is a new form of Natural therapy across the world.

You can read in their body language that when they half close their eyes with their ears down, sometimes even lying their heads down on the person’s lap that they are quite relaxed.

The cow’s warmer body temperature and slower heartbeat is believed to promote positivity and reduce stress by boosting oxytocin in humans, the hormone released in social bonding.