Hrithik likes bunny and Vijay


Hrithik is one of the finest dances in Bollywood and also has a cult figure. People call him a Greek God in the industry. But Hrithik even after being the finest dancer, is Fidaa over the South actors and the energy levels.

He also mentioned about the dancing abilities of Vijay and also Allu boy from the Tollywood. He asked the reporter as from where they got such energy levels.

What is the secret diet of Vijay and Allu Arjun and from where do they get such energy levels he enquired? Allu Arjun is one of the finest dancers like Chiranjeevi in the Tollywood industry.

Vijay in Tamilnadu also maintains a good figure and he also does very good action scenes. These days bunny boy is very popular with the super-duper success of his movie Ala Vaikuntapuram Lo directed by Trivikram Srinivas.

Hrithik opined that the south actors enjoy the dancing. He also said that the Southern industry is also using technology in a big way with good success rate.

A bunny as such is a down to earth person and never takes success to his head. His father Aravind the mega-producer is a hard worker.