How to cure viral fever


These days people are having viral fever. Cough and fever have become a common feature. How to stop the viral fever is the question. You need not go to the doctor for every issue. You can go for some remedies at home.

1. Use dhania power and make a concoction with boiled water. Have it lukewarm for two or three times a day. Your viral fever will come down.
2. Put some Tulasi leaves in boiled water. Boil it for some time and then take the water. Tulasi water works against the infections and kills the germs. It will stop the viral fever easily.
3. Grind garlic in the mustard oil and apply it to the legs in the nights and let it remain till the early morning. Then wash the legs with lukewarm water, The fever will go.
4. Boil the water with Cinnamon powder for some time. Then drink the concoction of cinnamon with lukewarm water. Your fever will go away in no time.
5. Mix a few drops of ginger paste in some honey and have it in the mornings. Your fever will vanish. It has all the qualities of an antibiotic.