donald trump

US President Donald Trump opined that it is a horrible situation between India and Pakistan but it would be wonderful if they get along. Trump said that he has watched it and has got some reports and is getting more reports over the JEM attack on soldiers in India where more than 40 of them died on the spot.

Trump said that he is getting ready for issuing a statement over the attack in India. He opined that Pulwama is a horrible situation and that the countries like Pakistan and India must get along.

But the security advisor to Trump has supported the cause of India on the right to self-defence. He opined that India has every right to defend itself in terms of security.

The white house secretary Sarah has advised Pakistan to end the support to Terrorists and take action against the Jem militants. On the other hand, the white house personnel and FBI are gathering all the information to make a statement over the terrorist attack that took the lives of more than 40 soldiers in India.