Can we hit the body with a light, a very powerful light so that it cleanses the body questions USA President Trump? The scientists have said that the ultraviolet rays have a cleaning effect on the body with Coronavirus and that is supposed to have a good effect against the Virus.

Hearing this Trump the President came up with an idea that we must hit the infected boat of the human being with a power full light so that it can be cured.

The American government has been using anti-malarial drugs sent from India for in the Coronavirus now. At the same time, they are doing several tests to find out a vaccine for the cure of Corona.

In some cases, the clinical trials failed. Across the world, the tests are going on and nothing happened so far. The scientists and the doctors together are working on a war footing basis s to find out some solution against the Corona.

Trump told the media that they are doing everything to contain the Corona virus.