Hindulivesmatter condemns Islamic Terror
Hindulivesmatter condemns Islamic Terror

#HinduLivesMatter global campaign condemned the dastardly attack against Hindu pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir state, India, and called for worldwide protest vigils to raise awareness among Hindus. Amarnath Yatra, which is considered to be one of the holiest and oldest pilgrimages of India, came under attack from Islamic terrorists in Anantnag on July 10th, 2017. In a dastardly attack on the bus carrying the pilgrims from Gujarat, the barbaric terrorists killed 8 Shiv bhakts, 5 of them being women and injured another 14. This massacre took place on a Shravan Somvaar, which is considered a very auspicious day by Shiv bhakts.

Many organizations in NewJersey including Sai Datta Peetam, Vishwa Hindu Parishad , Global Indians for Bharat Vikas, Overseas Friends of BJP, Overseas Volunteers for Better India, Hindus NJ, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh, Telugu Organizations came under one roof to condemn this violence unleashed on the pilgrims. The event was hosted by SaiDatta Peetam and various media organizations, all participated in this Shraddanjali meeting.

The program was initiated by a Vedic Chants of Shraddhanjali by Pandits of Sai Datta Peetam followed by Bhajan from Neetaji Tyagi followed by short speeches and thoughts from various community leaders like Satyaji Dosapati, Gaurangji Vaishnav, Nimeshji Dixit, Vilas Reddy Jambula ji, Anilji Sharma, Yagneshji . It was followed by a two minute silence in remembrance of the victims.

Satyaji,Dosapati Hindu Activist of #HinduLivesMatter said: “This is an act of Islamic terrorism and we should not forget the loss of lives both civilians and brave soliders. Krishnaji Reddy said Hindus have a responsibility of furthering the Government of India initiatives by partnering with local political leaders in conveying this acts of terrorism continually unleashed by the terrorists from Pakistan. Gaurangji Vaishnav invoked Swami Vivekanand ideals for Hindus to take one idea and live the whole idea which will make it more actionable. Anushkaji Sharma invoked the idea of Hindus to be Bold, United etc.

Raghuji Sarma, Chief Priest, Trustee of SaiDatta Peetam said that he followed the ideals of Swami Paripoornanandji and urged the Hindus to unite and stand for condemning this dastardly act.

The #HinduLivesMatter campaign’s appeal is being heard far and wide, and as a result several protest vigils are being conducted during this week.

Prayer Meeting for pilgrims killed in Amarnath Yatra in Edison NewJersey-USA