High Court suspends the TTD GOs


The AP High Court has suspended the GOs issued by the Government of AP on the appointment of special Invitees and the new Board members. The petition was filed by Bhanu Prakash Reddy of the BJP.

This is a big blow to the Jagan Government. It is a Jumbo appointment done by SV Subba Reddy the uncle of Jagan who has been appointed as the Chairman of the Board.

52 members have been appointed by the TTD chief which is against the tradition. The AP High Court has become serious over the appointments.

So far no Government has appointed so many members to the Board. Bhanu Prakash has pointed out to the Court that the TTD Board has become a rehabilitation to the outdated politicians.

Now it has to be seen if the TTD chief would reduce the members to the Board and scrap the special invitees. These days the people are going to court against the Government for every small issue as the Government is adamant.