Heroes remuneration going up or down

tollywood heros

People in the film industry are talking about big stars reducing the remuneration to recover from the Covid effect. But there is no sign of any star who has announced or agreed to cut his remuneration.

Big stars are making around Rs 50 crore per movie . They are making more also in the name of co-producing the movies. Mahesh has made around 60 crore for his movie Sarileru Neekevvaru.

Chiranjeevi is also making around 50 crore for a movie. Now he is charging around Rs 60 crore for the movie Vedalam. Meher Ramesh is the director for the remake.

Perhaps taking the remuneration into account Chiranjeevi might have agreed to work with a flop director called Meher Ramesh. Maling a fast buck is the order of the day.

NTR is working with Trivikram for the next movie and NTR arts is co-producing the movie. The idea is to make more money. So there is no question of reduction of remuneration by the big stars.

They are dictating the terms to the producers and also to the industry. There are several heroes getting ready for the Sankranthi releases. RRR is postponed again it is reported.