Heroes are taking 30cr they can help MAA

prakash raj

Prakash Raj the man in the news contesting the MAA elections proposed that the heroes taking around 30 crore as remuneration mus contribute to the development o MAA members.

He named NTR and Mahesh and said that they will definitely contribute to the betterment of society. Prakash also said that winning or losing is not the criteria and that he will work for the development of the MAA members in the next two years to come.

He said that Sunshine hospital Guruvareddy had offered to give the health cards to the members.

Various other agencies will also come forward for helping the poor artists he explained.

Generation of funds is no issue at all and there are around 250 members who are in trouble. Others is doing well and OK he opined. MAA does not have 900 members and around 250 members need the helping hand he said.

Prakash Raj and the team will work for the next two years he assured.