Helmet for both riders

Helmet for both riders

Cyberabad Traffic Police have started the campaign to stress the importance of wearing
proper helmets while riding two-wheelers by both the riders.

In the year 2019, almost 450 persons died in various road crashes in Cyberabad limits
constituting around 54% of the total fatalities of the year 2019. Among them 114 deceased persons were pillion riders and all of them were without helmets.

This trend of road crashes and deaths of public is very dangerous and affects the society deeply. Hence, it is utmost important that the two wheeler riders (rider and pillion rider) should use standard helmet always to avoid fatalities in case of crashes.

Helmet for both riders

In this background, CTP is exploring all possible ways to educate the public in this regard and enforce the rule very strictly. Still most of the two wheeler riders are not wearing proper helmets; the pillion riders seldom wear the helmets in the city.

Hence, CTP has started appreciating those riders (both riders) who are wearing standard helmets while riding a two-wheeler by gifting them a bottle of sanitizer as a token of recognising their law-abiding nature. CTP hopes that the citizens continue to obey traffic rules in good spirit of citizenship and help Police in reducing the road crashes and fatalities on public roads in Cyberabad.