Heavy rains on Tirumala and Tirupathi


Rains are pounding Tirumala and also Tirupathi Town today. The TTD has closed the ghat roads due to safety reasons. The vehicular traffic is also closed to the TTD.

The people are in deep trouble in Tirupathi in the low lying areas. It is raining cats and dogs in the Nellore district. The official machinery is ready for facing the crisis-like situation.

Being Sunday the police have suggested the people in Tirupathi not come onto the roads. Heavy rain is on at the TTD. The local official machinery is gearing up to provide food and water to the people in the cottages.

They were advised not to come out of the cottages. Two cheetahs were spotted on the Ghat roads this morning and now it is raining.

It was raining again when the situation was getting normal. Big boulders are rolling from the hillocks on the Ghat roads and the officials have closed the Ghat road now.

They my open it once the situation becomes normal after the rain.