Health portfolio is a Hazard in Telangana


The first health Minister in Telangana Government who was deputy Chief Minister lost his power on some allegations against him. He was Rajaiah from Warangal and he is just there now like any other leader.

The next health Minster Etela Rajendar did well as a minister but lost his power due to allegations of land grabbing. Now he is just an MLA from the BJP for Huzurabad.

The new health Minister is Harish Rao from Siddipet. He has got the post from Etela. Now we have to see what is in store for Harihs the relative of KCR the CM, who could not get Huzurabad for the TRS.

There is talk that KCR is unhappy with Harish but he is not disturbing him and giving him a long rope. In that process, KCR gave him the Health portfolio aligned with the Finance.

KCR is just waiting for the right and opportune time to disturb Harihs from his place. Maybe it will take some time. But Harish is loyal and patient. He is also very cautious and does not want to take any chances. Moreover, he is not in a hurry.

He is having a lot of Goodwill in Siddipet and like Etela, he can win on any ticket. During two recent press meets, Harish was seen sitting along with the Chief Minister KCR nodding his heads and giving some inputs here and there.

We have to see how long this will continue.