allu arjun

Allu Arjun popular as bunny has started his own office it is reported. The office is titled as AA, that is Allu Arjun. Earlier he was sitting in his father’s office Geeta Arts that is GA. Now that Charan is sitting in his own office and producing films with others stars, Geeta Arts is doing a movie with Mahesh, Allu boy thought it fit to have his own office so that people would come to him for discussions.


it would not be wise for him to continue under the shade of his father in the name of Geeta Arts.After all people like Vijay Devarakonda have set up their own offices and are having discussions with their staff in place looking after the appointments and also media from time to time.

Allu boy is also appointing staff for the social media and also promotion team to look after Mumbai ad promotions and other assignments it is reported. Now Geeta arts, AA and Konidela productions will become independent entities and would produce movies of other stars also. They would do movies for themselves and also with others.


Already NTR is doing a movie for Charan and also with Charan for Rajamouli. Mahesh agreed to do a movie with GA. It has to be seen what would AA do in the near future.