Rakul Preeth singh


A star hero has invited Rakul Preet Singh to his room. Rakul the popular heroine earlier stated that there was no casting couch or harassment of what so ever in the Tollywood.

Now that there are very few offers to her in the Tollywood she has used this MeToo concept for the sake of publicity it looks like. If someone has called her and if she is a Singh, Rakul must have that guts to give the name of the senior hero who called her to his room.

Rakul now says this is all common in the film world. But Sri Reddy pointed out about this, she brushed aside saying that nothing of that sort existed.

Suddenly she has revealed that a hero called her to his room. She also named him as the star hero. Rakul also said that she has got lot of proposals of this kind and she turned them off.

Now she is not talking to that Star hero it seems. Now we can conclude that Sri Reddy was right on her part. We have to wait for Sri Reddy’s reaction now as Rakul has admitted that she was called to the room of a star hero.
The hero requested her politely and she said no to him.