Has Srikanth Aaddla failed again ?


Srikanth Addala the director gave a dud called Brahmotsavam with Mahesh Babu and it was boring like a TV serial. After that, he went into hibernation and did not get any films.

He surfaced again with Asuran remake in the name of Narappa. It is just a cut and paste of Dhanush movie with Venkatesh. They even pasted the background music as it is putting the work of Mani Sharma aside.

It was released on OTT ignoring the theatres. Suresh Babu and a Tamil producer are behind this. People have compared Narappa with Asuran and they did not like it.

There is a talk that Suresh Babu was the man who influences the director Addala not to change the movie. They decided to such an extent that even the background score was retained in the original form.

That was the mistake. Srikanth could not prevail upon the mega Producer Suresh and senior star Venkatesh. The result is a failure. But they made money by selling it to the OTT platform.

Suresh made it clear that they are not doing any charity and that movie making is business. Most of the remakes of Venkatesh were a big success, but this attempt failed miserably.