Has Puri compromised for Balaiah

One of the highest paid directors of Tollywood has compromised for the sake of working with Balaiah it is rumored. Puri Jagannadh who takes more than 10 crores as his remuneration for his direction has come down it is reported.

First it is the excitement to work with Balaiah and also show others that he can give a hit if the story is right and the star is correct. He wants to show this to the Tollywood. It is reported that that the latest film of Balakrishna which was started at Venkateshwara Temple in filmnagar is a no risk movie it is reported.

Has Puri compromised for Balaiah

The whole film should be wrapped and released by September 2017 and the budget should not cross 25 crore that is the agreement according to the sources. The name is Jayasimha and Balaiah is prepared to give bulk dates and take the orders from Puri as he liked the story. It is backed by another director and guru of Puri that is RGV who is busy with Sarkar-3.

Balaiah had one or two discussions with RGV over this when they were with the Bib B shooting Sarkar in Mumbai.

Balaiah went all the way to Mumbai to have a chat with Big B and RGV it is reported. If the movie becomes a block buster then they will share the profits later.

They will make a break even in the first week itself after the release as they would be hiring new stars also with less remuneration for this movie. The whole themes mostly runs around Balaiah and other actors will be just ornamental for the movie.

As of now more than the remuneration, Puri is dam excited that he has signed Balaiah who is the current rage in Tollywood after Legend and also Gautamiputra. Big banners are after him, but he has chosen Puri after knowing about the success of Temper and his taking ability.