Harsha blames Jagan:Viveka murder



Harsha Kumar the senior politician has alleged that Jaganmohan Reddy the AP CM was involved in Vivekas murder. Vivekananda Reddy the uncle of Jagan was axed to death in his house.

The evidence was washed and removed from the scene before the arrival of the police to the scene of the offence. The daughter of Viveka has blamed that the Government was not interested in finding the truth and bringing the case to a logical conclusion.

She gave the name of the culprits and demanded that the Government must order the CBI enquiry into the death of her father. Harshakumar questioned Jagan as to why he was not asking for the CBI enquiry into the death of Vivekananda Reddy.

Harsha opined that the daughter of Viveka was hesitating to name Jagan and that was the reason she was asking for the CBI enquiry into the murder case.

Harsha also stated that changing Amaravathi was a foolish decision. He said that Jagan was doing whatever he wants in a dictatorial fashion.