ntr family


Harish Shanker the young director has spotted the young talent in the son of Junior NTR. NTR is already known as a young tiger and started his career from Childhood in the form of Balaramayanam.

Now his son was spotted by the director Harish Shanker. Shankar stated that the way the son of NTR is looking at the camera shows it all. NTR posted a picture of the family members on Twitter during the Holi.

It has got a lot of response from the fans and also a director.The director openly said that the NTRs son has the talent and his looks to reveal that. Yes it’s true as they are from the clan of senior NTR who was popular as the Nata Saarvabhaumudu. Senior NTR also ruled the state and he was the founder of the TDP.

Young tiger NTR is right now busy with RRR for Rajamouli. He is doing the role of a freedom fighter and fights with a tiger in the movie. The movie is slated for release in 2021 January. Right now NTR is planning a movie with Trivikram Srinivas.