Harish Rao the Minister for Finance has launched the Rs 5 meal scheme here at the Rythu Bazar in Siddipet. After presenting the Budget 2020-21 in the Assembly, Harish took time out to visit the Rythu Bazar.

He talked to the farmers here who were also selling the produce. He questioned them if they were getting the remunerative price for their produce.

He also assured the farmers that the Government would provide them with the requires sheds and also the cold storage facilities. Harish wanted the farmers to see that the vegetables are provided with good quality and cleanliness to the customers.

He wanted them to go for the tomato cultivation in the summer so that it would be lucrative. He also served the Rs 5 food to the farmers and also the vegetable sellers.

The food is being provided by the Harerama Harekrishna foundation here at the Rythu Bazar. No plastic is used for consuming the food. The farmers were advised to use steel plates and glasses.