Hari wanted to act with NTR-Kalyan Ram

In the recent times, Harikrishna has been coming for the filmi functions of his sons Kalyan Ram and also NTR. All the three participated in the launch functions and he was also seen with Puri Jagannadh the director. It is reported that he told his sons he would like to act with them separately or they would all come together for a movie.

Harikrishna was happy that both the sons have come together and they have no differences and are working together for the success of the movies. That is what he wanted. Earlier there were some small differences as they were born to different mothers, but Hari looked after them very well.


NTR-Kalyan Ram
Now the role of Harikrishna in the senior NTR biopic will be changed and made according to the present developments it is reported. Even Senior loved NTR more than Kalyan Ram and fed the junior with his own hands. Both the NTRs shared the food together several times.

Like NTR Harikrishna is also a creative man and he acted in several mythological movies with his father NTR. His Seethaih is an evergreen movie directed by Chowdhary. Some directors were interested in doing movies with Harikrishna. It is reported that Krish also talked to Harikrishna about the biopic on NTR being done by Balakrishna his brother. But no decision was taken by Harikrishna.