Growing Marijuana @ home


People these days are trying innovative methods for making a living and also to be away from the drag net of police. This is perhaps the first of its kind where there is a home garden of Marijuana the banned drug.

One man in Cyberabad is cultivating marijuana in his apartment. We have heard about growing of vegetables in Home and also roof garden. But this man went a step ahead and started cultivating Marijuana.

Growing Marijuana
He has been arrested in Hyderabad for growing marijuana inside his three-bedroom apartment. Nearly nine kg of marijuana along with 40 pots containing its plants were seized from his apartment, a police official said.

Syed Shahed Hussain, 33, a resident of Manikonda – was arrested while he was selling marijuana to customers.

He cultivated marijuana plants in his apartment to escape police and avoid trouble in getting the contraband from far-off places. On the advice of his friend, who lives in US, he watched videos on internet and learned the process of growing marijuana indoors.

Growing Marijuana

Inside his three-room apartment Hussain has all the necessary equipment for growing marijuana.